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The UK Chapter of the Eurographics Association (EGUK) presents:-
Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics2007

University of Wales, Bangor, UK

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Conference Programme (download as MS Word, PDF, compact PDF)


Wednesday 13th June 2007




Lunch at Ffriddoed Site

13:15  Coach to Technium CAST


Opening remarks - CAST Lecture Theatre - D Duce and N W John



KEYNOTE TALK - Sponsored by vizNET - Lecture Thetare - Chair: I S Lim



Focus+Context in Illustrative Visualization


Eduard Gröller, Associate Professor
Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms (ICGA), Vienna University of Technology

   Followed by Announcement of vizNET 2007 Visualization Showcase Winners

Plenary Session 1: RENDERING - Lecture Thetare - Chair: K W Brodlie


Perception-Based Lighting-by-Example


Hai Nam Ha and Patrick Olivier


Simulating Film Grain using the Noise-Power Spectrum


Ian Stephenson and Arthur Saunders

15:35 Coffee break
   Opportunity to view vizNET Visualization Showcase entries

Parallel Session 2: COMPUTER GRAPHICS PRACTICE - Room 101 - Chair: M Turner




A 3D Visualization Environment to Model the evolution of North-West Europe since the Last Glacial Maximum


Adam Wainwright, Thomas Varsamidis, and James Scourse



Using 3D Visualisation in the Repair of Intra-articular Fractures


A.F.Wilson, P.B.Musgrove, K.A.Buckley, G.Pearce, and J Geoghegan



Steering Chemistry in the Right Direction!


R.A. Davies



Anatomy Education using Rapid Prototyping


Rhys Thomas, Nigel John, and Ik Soo Lim


Parallel Session 3: SIMULATION AND ANIMATION 1 - Lecture Thetare - Chair:  W T Hewitt


Real-time Fluid Simulation Coupled with Cloth


Takahiro Harada, Seiichi Koshizuka and Yoichiro Kawaguchi


The Dynamic Animation of Ambulatory Arthropods


Llyr ap Cenydd and William Teahan

17:00 GPU-Based Wind Animation of Trees
  Jo Skjermo

Evening Event


 Coach pick up at Ffriddoedd Site


Networking social night


Galeri Caernarfon


Thursday 14th June 2007



Parallel Session 4: SIMULATION AND ANIMATION 2 - Lecture Thetare - Chair:  M W Jones


MTCut: GPU-based Marching Tetra Cuts


Eva Monclús, Isabel Navazo, and Pere-Pau Vázquez


Stability Analysis of Filtered Mass-Spring Systems


Alexandre Ahmad, Samir Adly, Olivier Terraz, and Djamchid Ghazanfarpour


A Distance Hierarchy to Detect Collisions Between Deformable Objects


Francisco Madera, Andy Day, and Stephen Laycock

10:30 Coffee break

Parallel Session 5: WORK-IN-PROGRESS PAPERS 1 - Room 101 - Chair: L Lever


Seamless Mesh Stitching Using Curve Approximation


Like Gobeawan, Shuhong Xu, and Stephen John Turner


Towards Individualized Ageing Functions for Human Face Images

  David Hunter  and Bernard Tiddeman

A Flexible Approach to High Performance Visualization enabled Augmented Reality


C. J. Hughes and N. W. John

10:00 Data Driven Graphical Applications: A Fluid approach
  A. Jones and C. Mantle and D. Cornford
10:20 Coffee break

Plenary Session 6: INTERACTION - Lecture Thetare - Chair:  M McDerby




A Statistically-Assisted Sketch-Based Interface for Creating Arbitrary 3-dimensional Faces


Orn Gunnarsson and Steve Maddock


Delivering Effective and Usable Interactive 3D Visualization on Lightweight Mobile Devices

  I.R. Holmes and R.S. Kalawsky

KEYNOTE TALK - Lecture Thetare - Chair: N W John



Perceiving depth in virtual scenes: Focus cues do matter


Dr Simon Wattt
School of Psychology, University of Wales, Bangor

13.00 Lunch

Parallel Session 7: VISUALIZATION - Lecture Thetare - Chair: R Fletcher

14:00 An Immersive Granular Material Visualization System with Haptic Feedback
Enkhtuvshin Dorjgotov,  Bedřich Beneš, and Krishna Madhavan

Speeding Up Isosurfacing: The Matryoshka Algorithm


Sérgio Lopes, Adriano Lopes, and M. Próspero dos Santos


Bifocal Radial Visualization of Intranet Search Results using Image Caching


Andreas. J. Zschimmer and Jonathan C. Roberts

15:30 Coffee break

Parallel Session 8: WORK-IN-PROGRESS PAPERS 2 - Room 101 - Chair: A Day


A case-study of inconsistent surface reconstruction in recent literature resulting from Octree rotation-variance


David M. Hughes and Ik Soo Lim


Visualization Notations, Models and Taxonomies


Ken Brodlie and Nurul Mohd Noor


Level of Detail for Physically Based Fire


Odd Erik Gundersen and Lars Tangvald


Streaming and Data Enrichment


Mary J. McDerby, William T. Hewitt, and Martin J. Turner

 15.20 Interval-Based Motion Blending for Hand Grasping
Matt Brisbin and Bedřich Beneš
15.40 Coffee Break

Plenary Session 9: DISTRIBUTED RENDERING - Lecture Thetare - Chair: J C  Roberts


A novel control mechanism for distributed stream rendering


J. T. O’Brien and R. S. Kalawsky


Adaptive Infrastructure for Visual Computing


K.W. Brodlie, J. Brooke, M. Chen, D. Chisnall, C. Hughes, N.W. John, M.W. Jones, M. Riding, N. Roard, M. Turner, and J.D.Wood

17:00 Viewing 0.3Tb Heart Simulation Data At Your Desk
  I. J. Grimstead, S. Kharche, H. Zhang, N. J. Avis, and D. W. Walker
AGM - Lecture Thetare
17.30 EGUK Annual General Meeting

Evening Event




Eurographics UK Chapter Jubilee Dinner




Friday 15th June 2007



Plenary Session 10: 2D GRAPHICS - Lecture Thetare - Chair: T Varsamidis


Paper Withdrawn



Scanline edge-flag algorithm for antialiasing


Kiia Kallio


Advantages of allowing Hexagonal Pixels to be used as a Boundary Description Format


Martin J. Turner

10:30 Coffee break

KEYNOTE TALK - Lecture Thetare - Chair: D Duce



Acquisition and Modeling of Global Light Transport using Reflectance Fields


Hendrik Lensch, MPI Informatik, Germany

12.00 Awards and Conference Closes
Lunch and coaches to Bangor Railway Station available


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