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Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2004
Organised by EGUK


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EGUK Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics
Conference 2004

8th-10th June, Bournemouth, UK


Pre-conference get-together (Monday 7th, pm)

For those arriving early, we are planing a pre-conference get-together. If you are interested in meeting up for a meal and drink (before the conference starts) then contact Jonathan Roberts.


Tutorials (Tuesday 8th, Am)

The following tutorials run concurrently:

  1. Renderman
    by, Ian Stephenson

  2. Geometry for Computer Graphics
    by, Prof. John A Vince

Tuesday Papers & Presentations
(after tutorials, Tuesday lunchtime)

13:00 Opening Remarks

13:05 Keynote
Professor Mike Milne (FrameStore - CFC)
How the computer animation industry has changed over the last 22 years

PARALLEL SESSION ONE: Data Visualization

14:05 Textual Difference Visualization of Multiple Search Results Utilizing Detail in Context
Edward Suvanaphen and Jonathan C Roberts

14:35 Data Visualization within Urban Models
Anthony Steed, Salvatore Spinell and Ben Croxford


14:05 Requirements for the Visualization of Ontological Evolution
Benjamin Blundell and Steve Pettifer

14:25 An Investigation of Multiple Tools Actions for Virtual Sculpting Using Implicit Surfaces
Robert Noble, Kefeng Zhang and Roger McDermott

14:45 Focus and Context for Volume Visualization
Marcelo Cohen and Ken Brodlie

15:05 Break

PARALLEL SESSION THREE: Virtual Applications

15:30 Virtual Physics for Virtual Reality
Philip Willis

16:00 A Model for Virtual Suturing in Vascular Surgery
Richard Holbrey, Andrew Bullpitt, Ken Brodlie, Mark Walkley and Julian Scott


15:30 A Proposed Physical Based Multilayered Illumination Model
David Brayford and W T Hewitt

15:50 Semi-automatically Augmenting Virtual Environments with Plausibly Located Clutter
Russell Broughton and Toby Howard

16:10 Electronic Simulation for Virtual Reality: Virtual Prototyping
P.F. Lister, P.L. Watten, M.R. Lewis, P.F. Newbury, M. White, M.C. Bassett, B.J.C. Jackson and V. Trignano

16:30 AGM


SESSION FIVE: Virtual Environments I

09:00 Virtual Reality Tool Applied to Visualize Construction Processes
A. Z. Sampaio, P. G. Henriques and P. S. Ferreira

09:30 Building Virtual Environment Systems (and Games) with User Network Awareness
Manuel Oliveira

10:00 ARCOLite - XML based system for building and presenting Virtual Museum Exhibitions using Web3D and Augmented Reality
Martin White, Fotis Liarokapis, Nicholaos Mourkoussis, Anirban Basu, Joe Darcy, Panagiotis Petridis, Maria Sifniotis and Paul Lister

10:30 Break

PARALLEL SESSION SIX: Virtual Environments II

11:00 A Collaborative Virtual Environment for Public Consultation in the Urban Planning Process
Nicolas Gaborit and Toby Howard

11:30 Behaviour Based Motion Simulation for Fire Evacuation
Huibo Li, Wen Tang and Derek Simpson

12:00 -

PARALLEL SESSION SEVEN: Animation and Interfaces

11:00 Synthesizing Facial Emotions
David Oziem, Lisa Gralewski, Neill Campbell, Colin Dalton, David Gibson and Barry Thomas

11:30 The Effect of Music on the Perception of Display Rate and Duration of Animated Sequences: an Experimental Study
Georgia Mastoropolou and Alan Chalmers

12:00 Intuitive Interaction and Expressive Cinematography in Video Games
Laurent Cozic, Stephen Boyd Davis and Huw Jones

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Keynote
Professor Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (MiraLab)
Behavioural Speech and Emotions


14:30 Effective Meshing and Form Factor Calculation for Accurate Progressive Radiosity
Wang-Yeh Lee and Jung-Hong Chuang

15:00 Real-Time Rendering of Seasonal Influenced Trees
Michael Braitmaier, Joachim Diepstraten and Thomas Ertl

PARALLEL SESSION NINE: Modelling and Imaging I

14:30 From Unordered Range Images to 3D Models: A Fully Automatic Multiview Correspondence Algorithm
A S Mian, M Bennamoun and R A Owens

15:00 Shell Creation, Representation and Visualization from an Arbitrary f(x,y,z)=0 Polynomial Shape Description
Martin Turner

15:30 Break


16:00 Efficient Rendering of Strong Secondary Lighting in Photon Mapping Algorithm
Takehiro Tawara, Karol Myszkowski and Hans-Peter Seidel

16:30 Hybrid Rendering - a New Integration of Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning for Image Based Rendering
Bruce Lammond and Gordon Watson


16:00 Frame-to-Frame Coherent Halftoning in Image Space
Mike Eissele, Daniel Weiskopf and Thomas Ertl

16:30 User Validation of Image Quality Assessment Algorithms
Peter Longhurst and Alan Chalmers




09:00 Force Mapping
Jian Chang and Jian J Zhang

09:30 Normal-based simplification algorithm for meshes
Frutuoso G M Silva and Abel J P Gomes

10:00 Real-time Per-Pixel Viewpoint Interpolation
D Porquet, D Ghazanfarpour and J M Dischler

10:30 Real-time Simulation of Small Scale Impact Debris using Hierarchical Particle Systems
Terence Clifton

11:00 Break

11:30 Keynote
Professor John Vince (Bournemouth University)
"Educating Tomorrow's Computer Animators"

12:30 Closing Remarks and Prizes

12:45 Lunch

Programme ends Thursday 10th (after lunch)